VOL. 1  NO. 1  AUGUST 1999


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From the Editor

The concept for this magazine was born of my tendency to pack up my earthly belongings and move to a new city every two years or so. I always find, upon taking up residence in my new hometown, that the city a resident experiences is entirely different from the city a tourist sees. There is a rhythm to every city that no tourist's guide book can completely capture, and a complexity that becomes apparent only with everyday familiarity.

The staff of THE WIRE are residents of some of the nation's major metropolitan centers. By drawing our subject matter from our own experiences of the unique joys and hardships of city life, we hope to convey to our readers a sense of the characters of the cities we call home.

Please visit the staff page to learn more about our contributors.

E-mail us at the-wire@mailcity.com. Letters must include a daytime telephone number for verification, and may be edited for purposes of space or clarity.

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